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1、All samples andgood are accepted by  Sharp StandardTesting Technology Co., Ltd(the ”Company”)solely for testingand reporting in accordance with the following terms and conditions .TheCompany provides its services on the basis that such terms and conditions constitute express agreement between the Company and any person, firm orcompany requesting its services (the ”Clients”).

2、All report issuedby the Company as a result of this application for testing services ( the ”Report”)shall be issued in confidence to the Clients and the Report will be strictlytreated as such by the Company. It may not be reproduced either in its entiretyor in part and it may not be used for adverting or other unauthorized purposes without the written consent of the Company. The Clients to whom the Report isissued may. However, show or send it, or a certified copy there of prepared bythe Company to his customer, supplier or other persons directly concerned. TheCompany will not, without the consent of the Clients, enter into any discussionor correspondence with any third party concerning the contents of the Report,unless required by the relevant governmental authorities, laws or court orders.

3、The Company shallnot be called or be liable to be called to give evidence or  testimony on the Report in a court of lawwithout its prior written consent, unless required by the relevant governmental authorities, laws or court orders.

4、The Report refersonly  to the sample tested and does notapply to the bulk ,unless the sampling has been carried out by the Company andis stated as such in the Report.

5、In the event ofthe improper use of the report as determined by the Company, the Companyre serves the right to withdraw it, and to adopt any other additional remedies which may be appropriate.

6、Samples submitted for testing are accepted on the understanding that the Report issued cannot form the basis of, or be the instrument for, any legal action against the Company.

7、The Company will not be liable for or accept responsibility for any loss or damage howsoever arising from the use of information contained in any of its Reports or in any communication whatsoever about its said tests or investigations.

8、Clients wishing to use the Report in court proceedings or arbitration shall inform the Company to that effect prior to submitting the sample for testing.

9、Subject to the variable length of retention time for test data and report stored hereinto as otherwise specifically required by individual accreditation authorities. The Company will only keep the supporting test data and information of this test report for a period of three years. The data and information will be disposed of after the aforementioned retention period has elapsed. Under no circumstances shall we provide any data and information which has been disposed of after the retention period. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for damages of any kind, including (but no limited) compensatory damages, lost profits, lost data, or any form of special, incidental, indirect, consequential or punitive damages of any kind, whether based on breach of contract of warranty, tort(including negligence), product liability or otherwise, even if we are informed in advance of the possibility of such damages.

10、Issuance records of the Report are available on the internet at .Further enquiry of validity or verification of the Reports should be addressed to the Company.


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