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SST, as a professional third party testing body, can offer services on textiles and clothing products and many other products tests under different requirements of national regulations and buyers to help you make your products complient with relevant regulative requirements so as to reduce trade friction risk and protect the benifits of producers and consumers.

SST has obtained international qualification on the testing textiles and clothing products as well as related semi-finished products, raw materials, which has been recognized by many customers. Now, what we can offer you in the textile feild is showed in the following tables:

Chemical Testing Items

No.Testing ItemsTesting methodsRegulations & Standards
1Soluble heavy metalsISO 105 E04 DIN 38406Oeko-Tex Standard 100
GB/T 17593GB/T 18885
2Total lead, total cadmium16 CFR 1303 US EPA 3052Oeko-Tex Standard 100 AAFA RSL、CPSIA
3Cr VIISO17075 US EPA 3060A & 7196AOeko-Tex Standard 100
GB/T 17593GB/T 18885
4Nickel releaseEN1811 EN12472Oeko-Tex Standard 100 REACH ANNEX XVII
5Allergenic DyesGB/T 20383 LFGB § 64 BVL B 82.02.82009/563/EC、2009/598/EC AAFA RSL
6Carcinogenic dyestuffGB/T 20382 LFGB § 64 BVL B 82.02.82009/563/EC、2009/598/EC AAFA RSL
7AZO dyesTextile: EN 14362-1/3 64 LFGB B 82.02-2/4/9 GB/T 17592Oeko-Tex Standard 100 2009/563/EC、2009/598/EC REACH ANNEX XVII AAFA RSL GB/T 18885、GB 18401
Leather: ISO/TS 17234 64 LFGB B 82.02-3 GB/T 19942
8pH valueISO 3071、AATCC 81Oeko-Tex Standard 100
GB/T 7573GB 18401、GB/T 18885
9PhthalatesEN 14372 ASTM D3421 CPSC-CH-C1001-09.2Oeko-Tex Standard 100 2009/563/EC、2009/598/EC 2009/425/EC REACH ANNEX VXII AAFA RSL
10FormaldehydeISO 14184-1/2 ISO 17226-1/2Oeko-Tex Standard 100 2009/563/EC、2009/598/EC
JIS L 1041Japanese Law 112
GB/T 2912-1/2、GB/T 19941GB/T 18885、GB 18401
11PCP、TeCP、TriCP、OPPISO 17070 64 LFGB B 82.02.8Oeko-Tex Standard 100 2009/563/EC、2009/598/EC REACH ANNEX VXII
GB/T 18414、GB/T 20386GB/T 18885
12Flame retardant PBB、PBDE、TRIS、TEPA、HBCCD、SCCP、TCEPEPA 3546 EPA 3540C EPA 8207D IEC 62321Oeko-Tex Standard 100
2009/563/EC、2009/598/EC REACH ANNEX VXII
13Organotin TBT、TPhT、DBT、DOTOeKo-Tex 200Oeko-Tex Standard 100
ISO 17353 DIN EN ISO 173532009/425/EC、2009/563/EC 2009/598/EC REACH ANNEX VXII
14PFOS、PFOAEPA3550BOeko-Tex Standard 100 2009/563/EC、2009/598/EC REACH ANNEX VXII AAFA RSL,
15PesticidesUS EPA 8081Oeko-Tex Standard 100 2009/563/EC、2009/598/EC AAFA RSL
GB/T 18412GB/T 18885
16DMFuEPA3550 & EPA8270D2009/251/EC、AAFA RSL
17OdourOeKo-Tex 200Oeko-Tex standard 100
GB 18401GB/T 18885

Performance properties

No.Testing ItemsRegulations & Standards
1Dimensional Stability and AppearanceDimensional stability to washingAATCC 135、AATCC 150 CAN/CGSB-4.2 No.58 AS 2001.5.1、AS 2001.5.4
ISO 6330、ISO 5077
BS EN ISO 26330 BS EN ISO 25077
2Appearance After LaunderingAATCC 124, AATCC 143
3Appearance After Commercial dry cleaningCommercial Dry
4Leather IdentificationIn-housed method
5Care Label RecommendationIn-housed method
6Care Label CertificationIn-housed method
7ColorfastnessColorfastness to waterISO 105 E01、AATCC 107
AS 2001.4.E01、BS 1006 E01
GB/T 5713
8Colorfastness to drycleaningAATCC 132、ISO 105 D01 AS 2001.4.16、GB/T 5711
9Colorfastness to lightISO 105 B02、AATCC 16
GB/T 8427
10Colorfastness to salivaDIN 53160、GB/T 18886
11Colorfastness to sea waterISO 105 E02、AATCC 106 AS 2001.4.E02
12Colorfastness to acid spottingISO 105 E05、AATCC 6
GB/T 5715
13Colorfastness to alkali spottingISO 105 E06、AATCC 6
GB/T 5716
14Colorfastness to water spottingISO 105 E07、AATCC 104 AS/NZS 2001.4.4
15Colorfastness to hot pressingISO 105 X11、AATCC 133
GB/T 6152
16Colorfastness to Chlorine bleachISO 105 N01、AATCC 188 GB/T 7069
17Colorfastness to non-Chlorine bleachAATCC 172
18Fabric strengthSingle thread strengthASTM D2256 , ISO 2062
19Tensile strengthISO 13934-1、ISO 13934-2 ISO 5081、ISO 5082
BS EN ISO 13934-2 BS EN ISO 13934.1
ASTM D5034、 ASTM D5035
CAN/CGSB-4.2 NO.9.1 CAN/CGSB-4.2 NO.9.2
AS 2001.2.3.2、AS 2001.2.3.1
GB/T 3923.1、GB/T 3923.2
20Tear strengthISO 13937-1
ASTM D1424
CAN/CGSB-4.2 NO.12.31
GB/T 3917.1
21Butsting strengthISO 2960
ASTM D3876
CAN/CGSB-4.2 NO.11.1
GB/T 19976
22Seam strengthISO 13935、ASTM D1683
23Functional testingPhenolic YellowingISO 105 X16
24Flat abrasionAATCC 119
25Seam slippageISO 13936-1/2、BS 3320 ASTM D434
26Abrasion resistanceASTM D3886、ASTM D3884
ASTM D4966
BS EN ISO 12947-2
EN 13770
27Pilling resistanceASTM D 3514、Martindale
ICI Pilling
28Snagging resistanceASTM D 3939、GB/T 11047
29Air permeabilityASTM D737
30AbsorbencyAATCC 79
31Spray testISO 4920、AATCC 22
BS EN 24920、GB/T 4745
32Rain testAATCC 35
33Oil RepellencyAATCC 118
34SpiralityAATCC 179
35OdourSNV 195 651
36Structure analysisFabric weightISO 3801
ASTM D3776、AS 2001.2.13
CAN/CGSB-4.2 NO.5.1
EN 12127、BS 2471
GB/T 4669、FZ/T 01094
37Fabric countISO 7211-2
ASTM D3775、ASTM D3887
AS 2001.2.5、AS 2001.2.6
BS 1049-2、BS 5441
GB/T 4668
38Yarn sizeISO 7211-5A
STM D1059, ASTM D1907
CAN/CGSB-4.2 NO.5.2
BS 2685
FZ/T 01093
39Fabric widthISO 3932
ASTM D3774、AS 2001.2.12
CAN/CGSB-4.2 NO.4.1
EN 1773/BS 1390
GB/T 4666
 Composition analysisFiber Composition (Qualitative analysis)ISO 1833、AATCC 20
FZ/T 01057.1~4
 Fiber Composition (Quantitative analysis)ISO 1833
GB/T 16988、GB/T 2910
GB/T 2911、FZ/T 01026
FZ/T 01048、FZ/T 01095

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